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We have moved! Fruit of the Womb is now


Welcome! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting my site, where I am documenting with words and photos, my journey to LOVE. My passion for writing, simplicity, beauty, art, unconditional parenting, mindful living, earth harmony and conscious creation are what drives this site. I am bursting with inspiration and eager to share it with the world.

It is my desire to network with those who share common interests, to bring about the highest good for all. On a daily basis, it is my intention to stay connected with the source that we all originated from, whatever name you recognize it by. For me, staying connected involves a variety of fun rituals, processes, games, and techniques that I am constantly learning as I go along on my journey. Living JOYFULLY is my purpose, and loving all that come into my experience. Letting go of resistance and taking responsibility to live a life of love, to spread the laughter of the soul moment to moment.

You will find an array of artwork, essays, articles, links, inspirational thoughts and processes, as well as professional services that I offer. Please feel free to browse through whatever intrigues you the most. Enjoy your stay and have an awesome day! Thank you!

Fruit of the Womb
Michelle Pier
P.O. Box 2844 Hagatna, GU 96932
(671) 472-1284